The Social Exchange

About Us

What is the Social Exchange's Mission?

The Exchange is a public relations firm that works with socially conscious businesses and nonprofit “heroes” taking steps to cultivate community within their own spaces. Our nationwide team of SocialX curators promote causes we believe in by crafting multimedia narratives to tell their stories, and augmenting them with opportunities for experience in the real-world. We develop personalized, high-tech PR & Fundraising infrastructure to help spread the word about stories that are worth telling.

We are currently active in Memphis, DC, and New York, and hoping to grow our network as we expand further. Please reach out if you’re interested in hearing more, have any advice for us, or would like to get involved - we would love to talk!

Some of our influences for the Exchange...

Non sibi
Where there's a will, there's a way
Don't judge a book by its cover
It's okay to not be okay
If you're not having fun you're not doing it right
Back of each, strength of all
Improvise, adapt, overcome
Whatsoever things are true
Never stop improving
The difference between a good plan and a great plan is execution