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GiveUp! is a mobile application that uses machine learning and AI to create a diverse portfolio of non-profits and responsible business ventures tailored for each user. Users can easily donate to a variety of causes with one transaction on the app, share their contributions with friends, and find the best community-based businesses to support.

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✅ Access our curated network of the most socially-minded individuals in your community.

✅ Leverage the power of machine learning and AI for highly targeted, cause-driven marketing.

✅ Build rapport by positioning your business as one committed to cultivating community within your own space.

✅ Utilize our influencer marketing services and receive custom-made content for your business venture.



Good content is incredibly valuable in the ever-changing world of business. We are first and foremost content creators whose main mission it is to tell the stories of causes that matter.



Our most valuable asset as a community is the collaboration between individuals. Our goal is to create an ecosystem of socially conscious people and like-minded organizations to enact positive change.



We provide opportunities for you to engage with individuals in your community who are committed to supporting good-doing businesses.